What is Person Centred Therapy?

If you are new to counselling you may be wondering - what is person centred counselling? 

Well, person centred counselling was originally a theory developed by Carl Rogers (see picture right) and his colleagues in the 1940's and 50's. It is underpinned  by some primary principles. 

Person centred theory believes that the process of change and growth is a fundamental aspect of every person, and that there are certain conditions that can get in the way of this growth. 

Person centred counselling creates a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings about areas in their life they may wish to change. The counsellor aims to understand and empathise with the client's experience without directing the client through his or her own viewpoint. 

Clients are viewed as the experts in their own experience. Therefore, the counsellor's role is to create a space for the client to explore their thoughts and feelings safely in an attempt to gain new insights and facilitate change. 

For an overview of the different types of therapy and counselling that exist please see the BACP website

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